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Top Web Host for Your New Business

Whether you are looking to start a new blog, create a website for your company, or create your new online business, you are going to need web hosting. As someone new to having a website, hosting can be an area that scares us, so we’re here to guide you.

With so many options out on the market, we look to provide you with a short list of the best hosting services on the market.

Picking the right Web Hosting

There are literally hundreds of hosting services on the market. This is extremely intimidating for a few reasons. One of which is the fact that most people don’t even know what web hosting does so how do they expect to pick the right one?

What does my web hosting service do?

Web hosting is simply where your website and it’s data will live. You pay a company in order to keep your website on the internet and manage the traffic going through your site. Does this mean that all web hosting services are the same? Definitely not! Different web hosting services have plans that vary in size. This means that if you plan to have a very heavy website, you will not be able to host your website on all services. 


Take Advantage of Money Back Guarantee

Not all web hosting is equal, and we often only realize this once we are using the service. Many things can go wrong with using a hosting platform from their plans not being strong enough to handle your website, to you having to wait hours or days for help.

Changing hosting provider is definitely a headache, but if you feel that the hosting provider isn’t a great fit, move out of that service right away and get your money back.

Different Prices

Many companies charge more than others for the simple reason that they have a stronger brand. Companies like GoDaddy will charge you more for a weaker hosting plan than unknown hosting providers because we’ve all heard of them. When looking into web hosting providers, make sure to not choose the ones that are charging you unnecessary high prices for virtually the same or lower product.


Use Reviews

More important than price is the reviews a service has. Make sure to investigate any service you plan to use and see what other customers are saying. This can be an easy way to see that a hosting provider you thought would be a great fit is a nightmare for 99% of customers who use it. Goes without saying that we want to avoid these providers.


Our Favorite? 

After using many different hosting services, our favorite is hands down Siteground. Although this company doesn’t have the nicest user interface, their customer support is second to none. I’ve personally never waited longer than 2 min in order to get an agent on chat in order to fix my issues. Their staff is so friendly, nice, and is always happy to hold your hand with anything you need to do. 

If it’s your first time hosting a website we strongly recommend siteground. The second you are unsure of what to do you simply go to the help center and start a chat. Once you get an agent you can consider your issues taken care of!

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