Things to Do on the Computer when you’re Bored

  • Organize Your Desktop. Take a good look at your computer desktop. If it is cluttered with folders and icons that are haphazardly stored on the desktop, take a few moments to reorganize these icons and folders. While you are cleaning your desktop, consider choosing a new desktop background for a fresh new look.
  • Start an in-depth scan of your computer using your virus protection program. It is a good idea to do this regularly to make sure your computer is free of malware and viruses. While you have time, initiate a full scan of all of your computer components.
  • After you’ve reorganized and tweaked your computer and made sure it is running properly, relax with an enjoyable game. Most computers come with preinstalled games that many people enjoy like Hearts and Solitaire.
  • Get a degree through one of the online Universities. Take online classes about subjects that interest you. Chat with your friends online using one of the instant messenger services. Send photos to your friends by attaching your photos to an email.
  • Read technical blogs. There are several technical blogs out there, which produce high quality content every day. There are 9600+ technology blogs listed in the Technorati website. Browse the technology blog list and read the blogs that interests you.
  • De-clutter your laptop. Organize the files and directories in your laptop. If you have tons of sub-directories, it gets difficult to find the right sub-directory to store your file. Use Windows Google Desktop on Linux Google Desktop software to search your files quickly.
  • Clear out all your emails. Process every email in your in-box and archive it. Don’t leave any emails unprocessed.
  • Change passwords .When is the last time you’ve changed your on-line banking password (or) your primary email password? Make sure to create a yearly password routine and change all your online passwords to something unique and strong.
  • Plan your exercise schedule. Create a simple exercise schedule (it could even be for 15 mins a day) and share it with your family and friends. Ask them to check on you regularly to make sure you are following your schedule on track.
  • Reconnect with friends and family. Send an email to an old friend, colleague, or family member with whom you might have lost touch.
  • Pursue your dream job. If you are not happy with your current job, take time to think about what would be your dream job. Create a document and list down all the items that you don’t like about your current job and all the things that you would want in your dream job.
  • Read Wikipedia – Browse the Wikipedia technology portal for topics that interests you. Outline of computer science and list of information technology topics are a good place to start in Wikipedia. You can spend hours together reading these topics.
  • Explore a Technical Hobby – It may be tweaking the Linux OS by building custom kernels, exploring ethical hacking, exploring amateur ham radio (or) any technical stuff that you were always interested to explore, but never got the time to do.


  • Set Goals. Jan 1st is not the only time to set goals for the year. Take some time to think through and list out all the major personal projects you would like to complete this year. Create actionable tasks to get those projects completed.
  • Write – If you are bored and don’t know what to do, start writing. This doesn’t need to be technical writing. When is the last time you’ve written a well thought out letter to someone who you love? Take the time to write a letter and send it in an email to your loved ones.
  • Get Personal Finance in Order. Take time to review your current financial status, review bank balance, and consolidate credit cards, sign-up for online bill pay, research re-financing your home mortgage for lower rate.
  • Use online Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I’ve moved almost all my local documents to Google documents. No need to worry about backing up local documents on your laptop on an on-going basis, if all your documents are online.
  • Add items to your shopping wish list. Take time to research on the electronic gadgets, or technical books that you wanted to purchase. Read some review and collect as much as information you need about the item before your purchase.
  • Create check-list and routines. List out all the repetitive tasks that you perform. Create a routine for those tasks. See whether you can automate or delegate some of those repetitive tasks.
  • Delete unwanted program. On Linux, see whether you are running any unwanted services and disable them. If you have any unwanted packages installed, remove them. On windows, go to Add/Remove program, and see whether you can delete any unwanted programs from the system. This might give you both additional disk space and performance.
  • Create online book catalog for all your books. Library Things lets you add 200 books to your catalog for free. Watch Funny Videos. If you are really bored and don’t want to do any work that requires brain power, simply watch these funny videos.
  • Learn keyboard shortcuts for your favorite application. For example, Gmail keyboard shortcuts, Firefox keyboard shortcuts, Ubuntu keyboard shortcuts.
  • Go learn something online – whether how to dance or shuffle on YouTube or learn something more intelligent such as programming (C, PHP, Java, HTML)
  • Join Facebook or Google Plus , I was originally not going to include this but after joining it was fun but it is seriously a waste of time ( that’s why your reading this post right ? ). Just don’t get addicted or you will end up wasting a lot of your time here.
  • Go make your own website, seriously this will help you in the future it will teach you a lot of things about the internet. You might become interested in this and possibly take it on as your future career. When you build your first website start out on something simple.

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