Tips to Get Rid of Body Heat

  • To reduce body heat is to reduce the intake of salt, hot spices, oil, fried foods, cheese, sour cream, vinegar, fermented foods, coffee etc.
  • To reduce the heat of the body to consume more starchy foods, grains and beans. Salads, milk and ice cream can also help reduce body heat.
  • Drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water per day reduces the body temperature to the required level of that person.
  • Eat cucumber, water melon which has significant amount of water presence in it which in turn reduces the body heat
  • Drinking coconut water of more than 3 liters in a day in bring down the body heat easily and very much faster
  • Vegetables are cooling and consuming of lots of vegetables and vegetable juices are very helpful in summer.
  • One should eat well during the day and less at night as the food is required in the stomach during the day time to prevent acid build up.
  • Eat light food, avoid hot, spicy and oily foods and opt for foods high in water content including fruits, salads, soups and buttermilk.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages and tea and coffee, Smoking should be completely avoided.
  • Barley is very good for cooling the body and also good for kidneys.
  • Avoid having chicken as it has very much heat content and increases your body heat.
  • Avoid eating or drinking mango juice. Because increases body heat to large extent.
  • Take bath regularly. If you have severe body heat problems then take bath with cold water each time when you come home from outside. Do wet your head too each time. Your head stores a lot of heat.
  • Avoid staying under sun for a longer time. Don’t wear tight dresses. Your body gets irritated if your wear tight dresses throughout the day.
  • Also if you are having a habit of eating egg daily, then you should reduce the intake of eggs in summer.
  • Salty, sour and pungent foods can also result in dehydration and should be avoided, especially during hot seasons.
  • Increase the intake of dairy products like buttermilk and yogurt.  These foods tend to aid in cooling the body internally.


  • Nuts need to be avoided. Nuts are highly acidic and result in generation of heat in the body. Avoid meat and restrict your diet to purely vegetarian to reduce body temperature.
  • Spicy foods including pepper, cardamom, etc. should also be avoided. These foods tend to increase the basal metabolic rate of the body and increase the production of body heat.
  • Honey is considered to have a cooling effect on the body. Add a spoon of honey to a glass of cold milk and consume twice a day.
  • Massage your body with herbal oils to improve blood circulation and cool the body. Coconut oil is one of the best oils to maintain body temperature.
  • You can have half a cup of beaten yoghurt with water after every meal to bring down body heat. Yogurt is a natural cooling agent.
  • Any physical activity such as swimming or gardening performed in calm and cool environments will help reduce body heat.
  • You can wear clothes in light pastel colors for a cooling effect. Fabrics such as linen and cotton keep the body cool.
  • Drink herbals teas. Both chamomile and peppermint tea can help soothe the body, fight infection, and improve immunity. These teas also help your body naturally lower its own temperature.
  • Eat cool. Dine on salads and sandwiches instead of large, protein-rich meals when the weather is hot, as these can warm your body up. Oven- or stove-top cooking heats up your house as well.
  • Head down and out. When your home is at its hottest, remember that the basement is the coolest place in the house. Or plan outings to air-conditioned buildings — such as the library or a movie theater – during peak hot hours.

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